6 Bra Shopping Mistakes

Avoid these common traps – and enjoy your bras!

Bra Shopping Mistakes

We can all be creatures of habit, especially with our bras. Without ever realizing what mistakes we make, we continue purchasing our bras and lingerie the same way – the wrong way. Here are six common mistakes that you can easily avoid.

  • We buy the same style bra, over and over.

Let’s face it: most of us don’t like change. So, one of the most common mistakes is that we always buy the same style and brand of bra. For instance, once seamless bras came into fashion, many of us began to buy them every time. It is important to try seamed bras as well. A seamed bra will give better lift to your breasts, as well as provide a narrower silhouette that flatters certain styles of clothing. In addition, many expert bra fitters will tell you that seamless bras do not provide enough support to be worn every day. So consider other styles and brands of bras, both for support as well as fashion!

  • We buy low-quality sports bras.

This is a huge mistake. Whether running through aisles of the grocery store or going on an active jog, we need to have the right support. A quality sports bra with good support for motion in all directions will ensure that your breasts will not become sore. Also, the bra itself should be comfortable once you are in it, even if it is challenging to get on. Consider a sports bra with shape and seams; ideally, each breast should be supported separately. While many women prefer a full compression bra, these should not be worn on an ongoing basis, as some experts believe that the functioning of the lymph glands may be affected.

  • We self-fit into bras too small.

This is another common bra-shopping mishap. Frankly, we try to squeeze ourselves into bras that are too small for us. We choose a cup and band size once, and don’t bother ever checking it or changing it again. We are left with breasts that fold over the top of the cup, making it appear as if we have four small breasts! Make sure you’re buying bras that fit you properly. Many quality department stores or lingerie specialists will do a bra fitting for you.

  • We don’t compensate for weight loss or weight gain.

We can and do change size over time. In some cases, we gain and lose weight, yet we continue to wear the same size bras in the same styles. Again, this is an easy mistake to correct with a simple bra fitting. A bra fitter can also suggest the most flattering styles of bra. Different styles are built for different breasts, each shaping and fitting in their own unique ways. It is vital that we change both our bra styles and sizes as we lose and gain weight.

  • When we have large breasts, we choose minimizer bras every day.

Minimizer bras should we worn sparingly. They compress breast tissue that can contribute to loss of breast firmness over time. No woman wants premature sagging! We also want to ensure that we have the most youthful silhouette possible. To achieve this, we need to be fitted into bras that will lift and center our bust lines midway between the shoulder and the elbow. If your bras are correctly fitted, not only will the breasts look smaller and shapelier, many believe it will also help to retain as much firmness as possible.

  • We believe all underwire bras are uncomfortable.

Are you one of those women who gets home and ditches the bra as soon as possible? In some cases even mature women will choose bralettes to maintain a soft, comfortable bustline throughout the day. The problem is that bralettes leave us with no shape or definition. They are built with the purpose of lounging. Which brings us to underwire bras: these bras are only uncomfortable if they are fit incorrectly. The wire should be resting against the ribcage in the soft cover, without biting into flesh either at the side or under the breast. Wearing a well-fitted underwire bra should keep you feeling comfortable and lifted all day.