Post-Mastectomy Bras

Professional fitter can help ensure proper choice

Mastectomy bras have special pockets to hold a breast prosthesis.

A mastectomy is a surgical procedure that may be performed on a woman with breast cancer. The procedure involves removing the breast, and often the surrounding lymph nodes, to eliminate the cancer from the body and prevent its spread. This procedure is similar to, but should not be confused with, high cost liposuction that many women undergo.

It is a devastating experience for many women, especially initially. The most visible sign of our femaleness is our breasts. To lose one (or both) is a blow to our self image and our self confidence. We may not want even beloved spouses to see us. This healing of our emotions may take much longer than the healing of our bodies.

However, when we are out in public, there are garments that help us to look good in our clothes. These options may help in our emotional healing process as well by allowing us to return to our lives with less self-consciousness, while we continue our healing journey.

The good news for those of us in the market is that post-mastectomy products today are high tech and designed for a variety of needs. Many products will allow for a completely natural look under clothing – which can be very important to many women.

You do not need to have lost a full breast to be looking for solutions that will restore your previous silhouette. Any woman who has undergone a breast cancer surgery and lost a portion of their breast tissue is a candidate for a breast prosthesis. A breast prosthesis or breast form is a device used after surgery when natural flesh has been removed. They are designed to look like your breast, in weight, texture and touch.

There are many options available when it comes to choosing the right prosthetic. From temperature-controlled inserts, to straight silicone options, finding one right for all your needs will be your first challenge. You may find you need to have more than one prosthesis, especially if you are involved in sports or working out.

Prostheses can be worn in a variety of ways. The traditional prosthetic is worn inside a bra, but there are also newer devices that simply attach to the body with special adhesives. Again, it will depend on the woman, her personal preferences and healing process, as well as her breast size and volume. No single choice is right for everyone.

In fact, wearing a prosthesis is a personal choice. Not all women choose to wear one. Whatever is most comfortable for you is the right choice.

Most women do continue to wear a bra, post-mastectomy. Mastectomy bras (or post-mastectomy bras) are special bras that usually have pockets built for the purpose of holding breast prostheses. You won’t be wearing a bra immediately post surgery, however. Most doctors will recommend that you wear a camisole, or sleeveless undergarment made of a soft material, for the first four to eight weeks following your surgery to support healing. This length of time may be longer or shorter depending on your individual situation.

There are many post-mastectomy bras available in wide assortment of colors. These garments cater to the desires of women – and just because a woman has lost a breast does not mean that she has lost her need to be attractive, feminine and sexy.

Your mastectomy bras are usually fitted at the time of the prosthesis fitting. Like any bra, you may have to try on a few mastectomy bras before finding one that fits comfortably. It is recommended that you see a professional bra fitter when looking for this garment. This professional will know how to help you get both the right bra and the right prosthetic. Be sure to leave yourself enough time for the process: you should expect the fitting to take an hour or so.

Mastectomy bras range in price from $30-$50 US. You can find more expensive bras than this, but that will depend on your personal preferences. Spending more on the bra does not always ensure the quality is better. Instead, take the time to fit one that is comfortable. Your fitter may also be aware of brands that are better known to have good post-mastectomy bras.

Think you have to give up your underwire bras? Think again! Mastectomy bras are available in a variety of styles, including underwire and sports bra selections. As women are demanding more options in their mastectomy bras, manufacturers are designing and developing new products every day.