Custom Bra Fitting – From Home

Give up the guesswork with a professional bra fitting consultation.

I love this concept: a custom fitted bra just for me! And all from the comfort of my home.

I stumbled across Snares of Venus today. This is a company that sells bras online, and promises you a perfect fit. How do they do that?

First of all, you send in your measurements using their handy online form.  Each measurement is carefully described, with the additional help of diagrams to help you get the position of the measurement just right. You have to be ready to provide a lot of detail, including measurements of your bust both with and without a bra on. However, this is what helps the folks at Snares of Venus to create your personalized pattern.

Once they have this information, they create a sample bra for you – and mail it to you!

Here’s the beauty of this company’s approach. You try on the sample bra and fill out the bra-fitting questionnaire. Then, the whole package goes back in a pre-paid mailer, so that the company can adjust your master bra pattern! They even send you a digital camera to take pictures of yourself in the bra, to help with fitting issues. (There’s nothing kinky in the request, and you don’t have to include your face in the picture, so that you can remain anonymous.)

After they receive your sample package back, they will adjust your personal “master pattern”.

If more than a few alterations are required, you may go through a second round of sample bras.

Once the sample process is finished to everyone’s satisfaction, Snares of Venus will create your final personalized bra. It will be mailed out to you – and you’ll have your perfect custom fit!

The cost for the creation of the initial pattern is pretty pricey at $375. However, once they have your master pattern created, you will only pay for the style of bra that you order. Individual bras are priced more like haute couture creations than Victoria’s Secret sales items, but I think you have to keep in mind that these beauties are custom fitted to you in delicious colors and lovely fabrics. In fact, at about $150 per bra, these are no more than the cost of some of the higher end bras from Chantelle, although you could get a lovely Stella McCartney piece for about the same price.

I’m tempted to order one myself, but will have to wait until my budget will allow. That first bra will set you back over $500, and that’s a pretty penny for something to hold up the “girls”.