Bridal Bras and Wedding Lingerie

A good time to indulge in luxurious intimates

Bridal bras

We love our weddings! Women take this stage of their life as an excuse to outfit their entire lingerie collections. Weddings are often the one time when women go all-out with their lingerie purchases because they feel their splurges are justified. Garments bought for the wedding often remain in a woman’s drawers for 20 or more years, as they are rarely worn and only come out on special occasions.

So brides-to-be, before you drop big bucks on your wedding-day (and night!) frills, here’s a few pointers to keep in mind:

Under Your Dress

  • Most wedding dresses are designed to be worn over a bustier or corset-style garment. These garments are recommended, as they make women feel sexy! Not only do they enhance the female figure, they make women look taller because they force us to stand erect while pushing out our breasts.

  • When wearing a corset or bustier, make sure you are buying one that fits your body properly. If you have any spillage out the top cup, or if the garment is too tight, switch to a different style or go up one cup size. Most importantly, if your dress is clingy or made of a light material, make sure you purchase a bustier or corset that has a smooth finish. With dresses that are heavier or have textured fabrics, often you’re able to get away with more dynamic and detailed pieces underneath.

  • It is recommended that you take your bridal underwear to the wedding gown shop when searching. Undergarments can change the way you will look in your gown, therefore having them with you for the initial fitting could save you some regrets down the road.

The Wedding Night

  • Many brides choose traditional two-piece sets which includes a long robe and a flowing gown. These tend to be in light or white shades, representing the virginal state. White pieces remind us of angelic innocence.

  • Rather than wear the same style pieces each night of your honeymoon, it is recommended that you switch it up each night. Prepare a theme for each evening you will be away and, if you can, try not to wear the same piece more than once! This is a great excuse to get some new lingerie and experiment with sexual fetishes. Many women keep the pieces they wear on their honeymoons for years to come.