Choosing Bras for Seniors

Adaptive clothing helps make dressing easier

As women age, their apparel choices will change too.

As a woman’s body ages, her lingerie and undergarment needs will also change. Not only will her breasts naturally change shape, but also an elderly woman’s physical ability to put a bra on and take a bra off will diminish.

Choosing bras for seniors will require options that are not limited in movement and are easy to care for. As a woman continues to age, there are several health changes that may affect her fashion and undergarment needs. With reactions to medications, a woman’s body may have less ability to perform personal dressing activities. Older women may also find their body temperature falls, so they may require more layers and heavier fabrics. Arthritis may also leave women unable to operate bra closures and buttons on clothing.

It is important to give women the opportunity to remain independent as they are aging, especially when it comes to their personal bra and panty attire. Even if an elderly woman is no longer personally selecting her clothing items, giving her the ability to put them on and take them off herself will leave her feeling confident and able. If a caregiver selects the appropriate undergarments, an elderly woman should be able to still operate her bra, panties and outer garments on her own.

Several manufacturers have designed clothing and undergarments, called adaptive clothing, which are making personal dressing easier on elderly women. Bras and outerwear under the adaptive clothing market niche often include wide-tabbed zippers, large snaps or Velcro-style closures.

Many bra manufacturers have come out with options to help aging women with their individual special needs, including those with arthritis. These options include front-closing, full coverage or soft cup designs.

Senior and retirement living also means a change in fashion needs. It is important to speak to appropriate healthcare workers who attend to the elderly. They can give you helpful advice when it comes to choosing appropriate undergarments and outer clothing for an aging or elderly woman.