Should your bra match your panties?


Yes! Now, when we say that, we don’t necessarily mean exactly. So don’t think you have to go out and only buy a bra when you buy the matching panty.

Let’s consider an example. You’ve just splurged on a great designer bra at a half-decent price. Then, you decided to go back and find the matching panty and almost fainted! I’ve found that often the bra is reasonably priced for what you are getting and the panty isn’t. If you don’t want to pay the outrageous price for the matching panty, don’t do it. The trick is to invest in a number of great-looking neutral panties in a variety of fabrics that can be combined with a lovely bra to give you a finished look, even under your clothes.

Some of the same rules for matching your outer clothes apply to matching your inner clothes. For instance, you shouldn’t generally put two tones of the same color together. It often simply looks like you couldn’t afford the matching piece! Instead, match with coordinating tones rather than trying to match exactly. An exact color match will highlight the details on each piece, and it’s those details that will make it clear that they aren’t from the same manufacturer or designer. 

When putting together undergarments, consider the weight of the fabric for each piece. For the most finished look, have the same or similar weight and style of fabric on both top and bottom.

A number of nice, neutral pairs of cotton underwear (that have the elastic covered) will go quite nicely with colored or white cotton bras, as an example. If you like silks and synthetics, do the same kind of thing with bras and panties in these materials. So, a great “set” of unmentionables does not have to be made by the same designer or even made in exactly the same fabric – just make sure that the two pieces are not “fighting” with each other.

Let’s avoid the lycra Spanx bottom with the yellow polka-dot, lacey bra, shall we? No matter how you slice that ensemble, it just doesn’t look good without clothes to cover it!