When “Nude” Is Not Nude

I have often wondered about that distinctive anemic tan color that is often labeled “nude”. For me, it is a reminder of the remaining vestiges of racism, when the preferred skin tone was “white” and other people were looked down upon because they weren’t the preferred color.

Hopefully, the majority of us (of all colors) have moved past that limited and inaccurate view. However, the concept of “nude” in lingerie does not seem to have caught up with the times.

Which brings me to the topic of today’s post: I’ve found a lingerie company that creates intimate garments designed to blend with your skin color - regardless of what that color is! The company is called Myskins, and they make bras and panties in a range of 20 tones, which can indeed become truly “nude” under clothing.

They even recognize pasty white types like me, which means that you can find lighter tones like “honey” or “parfait” or “peaches”. Every color in their palette has a delicious food reference (with the exception of “blush”), so you can buy your favorite bra and panty combination in yummy hues like “mousse” or “pecan” or “coffee”.

Honestly, many of these colors are so lovely, I’d be tempted to buy items that did not match my skin! After all, no one says that pretty lingerie has to come in pink or purple or red.

The Myskins website is very helpful with a printable color chart that you can reproduce at home. However, if your printer doesn’t represent color accurately, you could have a problem. As a result, myskins also allows you to request an accurate color chart from them by mail, that will ensure that you get the best match to your unique skin tone.

You have three bra choices: T-Shirt bra; Convertible bra; and, Plunge bra. You also have three choices of panty: full cut brief (which is a bit less than “full cut”); girl short (think “boy short” but more feminine); and, thong. Panties are all $12.00 and the bras are all $48.00.

You can get free shipping on US orders over $25, and $5.00 shipping on international orders over $25.