Colored Bras And White Shirts

Don’t get me wrong: I love lingerie with color and pizzazz! I suspect that a nice bra and panty set in a lovely print or fashion fabric can do more for your mood on a bad day than any other instant fix I know.

Here’s the rub: you have to know what to wear over that fabulous bra and panty set.

Which brings me to my most recently-seen fashion faux pas: a colored bra worn under a white summer shirt.

It looked like it might have been a lovely bra. From what I could tell, it was a vibrant red and looked like it could have been a plunge style. I can tell you all this because it was very visible through the light cotton of the woman’s shirt.

Okay - maybe it’s just me, but I think this is a mistake you could forgive in a teenager, but a full-grown woman with a baby in her arms?

I have to assume that it was a bad day. Perhaps the baby was up all night and she was down a quart or two of sleep. Maybe she had to get dressed in the dark due to a power outage. As a new mom, maybe all her clothing was in the laundry and she was down to her last bra and clean shirt. (I suspect this was the most likely: when I was a new mother, the babies got all the attention first, and I was somewhere down in 15th place on my own list of “to-do’s”.)

So, here’s my suggestion for all those sleep deprived moms who are stumbling out of bed in the morning to dress in a hurry - so that they can get to their baby and start the day. Have lots of white and neutral lingerie in one drawer; keep your decadent fashion lingerie in another. When the lingerie in the white drawer is down to your last bra - hit the laundromat.

Either that, or buy a lot of black shirts.