Let’s Talk About Size

While traveling on the bus, I look at all things around me. As my eyes scan left, they are faced with a great looking pair of breasts! They sit perked up with their upper half shining in the sunlight while gently bumping up and down with the movement of the bus.

As a fellow female with two breasts of my own, I wonder to myself which type of bra she is wearing! Her bra fits her perfectly, resulting in an attractive overall look. Where can I get this bra so my breasts can achieve a similar look? Ahh, imagine if we lived in a world where one woman could go up to another and say, “Your breasts look great. Mind if I ask what fit of bra you’re wearing?”

If only we were more educated on bra fitting, we could all find the perfect bra that will make our breasts look like my bus mate’s. Shouldn’t we just get over our fears of approaching women so that we can educate our fellow females on how to make our assets more attractive?

Let’s start with an entry-level fitting lesson. It is important to break down the two components attached to bra sizing so that we can make the perfect fit. Wear your best-fitting bra when determining your own measurements.

  1. The first even number, whether it be 32, 34, etc., represents the size of your back. It is important to take this measurement from the bottom of the breast and around the circumference of your back. Once you get this number, add 5 to represent the extra breast area. For example, if your back is 29 inches around, add 5 inches, which results in your size of 34 inches. If the initial back size is 33 inches or above, add only 3 inches. It is important that when your bra is done up, it is quite tight to enable proper support.
  2. The second component indicates the cup size. This is where most women go wrong and attempt to fit their breasts into smaller cup sizes because they feel that anything above a DD is unacceptable. To find your measurement, simply pull a tape measure out from your body under the breast to the fullest part. Cup “A” would equal 1 inch from the body, Cup “B” would equal two inches etc.

These measurement techniques are a guideline. It is important to understand that bras vary by manufacturer and style. Visit back, as we’ll elaborate further throughout our discussions! In the meantime, be sure to check out the BraWise Fitting Guide for more tips.