Perspiration pads help beat sticky summer problem

Sweaty breasts: It’s a problem many of us have to deal with, but no one likes to admit to.

Now a solution is available, courtesy of Persper-eez breast perspiration pads, which claim to be the only disposable product of its kind on the market.

Under-breast perspiration is a common summertime woe, especially among larger-breasted women.

Persper-eez pads are held in place under the breast with hypoallergenice adhesive tabs. The patented design wicks away moisture to an absorbent core, while the surface layer stays dry and creates a moisture barrier.

Persper-eez founder Diane Dandron says she created the product after noticing sweat spots on the clothing of large-busted women on hot summer days.

‚ÄúPerspiration spots on clothing are embarrassing, especially at weddings and other special occasions. But more importantly, the potential for bacteria growth can create some serious health issues,” she said. In addition to staining clothing and lingerie, excess perspiration can irritate skin and cause rashes or yeast infections &#8212 not to mention embarrassment.

Persper-eez pads come in three sizes and can be worn with or without a bra. They can be purchased online for $3.50 for six pairs.