Summer’s Sexiest Dress Choices

Ask any real woman what items of clothing make her feel sexiest and nine times out of 10 you’ll get the reply: lingerie. Starting your outfit off with something sexy, sassy and comfortable is the fastest route to overall sexiness and confidence. If you get the underwear right, chances are the rest of the outfit will follow.

But what are your options for suitably sexy, stylish ‘outerwear’ this summer?

Dresses are synonymous with summer. Although you can wear a dress all year round, there is nothing quite the same as a summer dress: lighter fabric, a little more skin on show and a chance to wear a dress in the middle of the day without ever feeling over dressed.
This summer the high street truly has some dazzling dresses to choose from. If you want the inside track on the latest spring/summer dress trends, read on.

A major trend that will run through the entire collection of spring/summer fashion is more of colour palette than a ‘trend proper’. Pastel shades of mint, pale pink, baby blue, lilac and lemon are going to be incredibly dominant.

Everything from skinny jeans and shorts to girlie dresses and pumps are going to get a candy sweet make over. Because this trend is more about colours than specific styles – if there is any kind of overall aesthetic it’s relaxed with a touch of nineties street about it – you pretty much have free range over what dress shape you go for.

Peach Ponte dress from New Look

New Look has nailed this trend and its collection of cute pastel women’s dresses hits the mark dead on. These feminine shades instantly add sex appeal and will help bolster the confidence that has been instigated by your favourite lingerie. Kate Middleton perfectly showcased this trend in late 2011 before the rest of us had any clue what to expect. Check her out in her beautiful mint maxi here.

Tribal prints were hot to trot in 2011 both during the summer and this current winter. This trend will continue into summer 2012 but will smoulder just that little bit more. Printed dresses are essential for mastering this trend with aplomb. African prints are your best bet in warm colours of amber, gold, russet brown and sunset red. Again these dresses are so sexy they will perfectly complement your underwear.

Take note however that halter and strapless styles will be plentiful, so remember to look for multi-strap or strapless bras to give you confidence without unsightly straps.