Making the Most Out of Large Breasts

So you’re big up top. Although being large-breasted has its perks, sometimes it’s not all it’s cracked up to be! Women may constantly be envious of your breasts, but at the same time they may not understand the downfalls that go along with them.

Being “busty” can make fitting clothing properly rather difficult, and you’ll find you cannot always pull off smaller-chested fashions. But there are some things that you CAN do to make the most out of your gorgeous upper top!

First of all, we cannot stress enough, get a proper bra! Refer back to our BraWise articles on fitting bras to your body properly.

When choosing fashions, you want to find clothes that accentuate your positives, while helping you feel both confident and comfortable. For women with large breasts, this can be a difficult task!

Next time you’re out shopping, keep the following few tips in mind:

  • When choosing a tank top, select styles that come pre-built with bras. While these styles may not be enough to support you on their own, they help create a smooth appearance when coupled with a well-fitting bra underneath. Also, try to select tank tops that have a seam that runs right under your bust line, because they will also help with support while remaining stylish.
  • Keep your eye out for shirts made with a slight stretch in their fabric. Since your breasts are above average, you may find that you have trouble getting tops to fit the remainder of your body, if they fit in the chest area. Shirts with stretch will help avoid these issues, especially, for example, when fitting a button-down blouse. The stretch will give you the extra room without forcing you to move up to the next size, which may appear sloppy on the rest of your body.
  • When choosing styles, look for tops that will compliment your breasts right away. Stay away from tops with ruffles and bows around the top, as they will draw so much attention to your chest that they can leave you looking even larger than you really are. V-neck and scoop neck styles are great on large-busted women, because they draw attention to your collarbones and neck. They create an invisible line from your neck down your torso, and leave a slimming overall appearance.
  • Avoid choosing larger tops to try to hide your breasts. Doing this can actually work against you, because the larger top leaves you without anything between your waist and chest. The entire top half of your body will look much larger because of the extra space and air between your breasts and waist. Choose closer-fitting, properly tailored styles.

The biggest boost for your self confidence comes from embracing your body and loving what you have been given. It is important that you are able to see and work with your breasts as a beautiful and healthy part of your female body!