How do I avoid excess sweating between my breasts?


Unfortunately, sweat happens. If your bra squeezes your breasts too close together, try a different style that provides you with more separation between your breasts.

Different bras and brands will fit your differently, so it is difficult for me to recommend a specific bra to try. My best advice is that you go into a fitting room and experiment with a variety of styles and brands. Taking the time to go to a lingerie store with a trained fitter on staff could also make all the difference. This person will understand the full range of styles and will be able to ensure you have the right fit.

Often, sweat between the breasts is indicative of a poorly fitting bra, where the band size is too big and the cup size too small - which squeezes the breasts together. Also, sports bras can be the culprit, particularly when they force the breasts together to reduce movement. There are new innovations in sports bras that actually help to reduce movement while supporting each breast independently.

Material-wise, some fabrics will allow your body to breathe easier than others. Keep fabric differences in mind when browsing. Cotton and silks will breathe better. Another option you could try would be looking for a full-coverage bra with lacy cut-outs that allow for more air circulation. The more ventilation you can provide, the cooler you’ll be resulting in less perspiration.

Make sure you wash your bras often if you perspire, as sweat will break down stretch materials like spandex faster than other fabrics.