Bra Fitting Tips and Tricks

Try these tips for a better fitting bra.

There are many methods out there for fitting a bra properly. Unfortunately, generic size guides assume that all bodies are designed the same; therefore the measurements will be the same basic numbers for each woman.

For psychological reasons, women tend to buy bras that the size they want to be, rather than the size they actually are when measured for a specific brand. As a result, up to 80% of women wear the wrong-size bras. Many women find a bra that fits them once, and assume that they will wear that size bra in every shape and style they try on. They also forget to adjust their sizes as their bodies change over time.

As a starting point, we need to remember that band sizes and cup sizes work together as a team, rather than independently from each other. Women feel that once they find their band size, say 34, and automatically pick up a cup size accordingly, for example a C, they will stick to this size in every brand and style.

The thing is, as band sizes change, so do cup sizes. The U shape between the cups decreases and increases according to band size. Therefore, if you are changing your band size, it is important to change your cup size according to the shape of your breasts.

If you are going down a band size, it is often suggested that you go up a cup size to compensate for the change. Most women wear bras that are too large around the band, causing ride-up in the back and lack of proper support. Women also wear cup sizes that are too small for them, leaving a cut line across the breast, which results in women looking as if they have four breasts instead of two!

As for bra fitting, it is important to find a band size that fits your body. Refer to the Brawise Fitting Guide, which will help you determine your correct sizing. You want to have a band that will support your cups: so, if there is any riding up in the back on the band, you must move down a band size. This may also include moving up a cup size, as the breasts will be pushed closer together to compensate for the band change.

Here’s another secret: women do not understand why there are three sets of hooks at the back of most bras. The purpose of this design is for proper fit throughout the life of your bra. As time passes, fabrics lose stretch and often become looser after many washes. When you buy a bra brand new, always wear the hooks on the widest setting! This will allow you to adjust your bra over time so that it will feel tight and supported throughout its life. Many women choose to wear their bra hooks on the middle or the smallest setting, leaving little room for future adjustments.

The right bra can leave women looking as if they have instantly lost 10 pounds and had a breast surgery all in one day! Take these tips and tricks with you next time you try on a bra.