Do you wear a cheap bra? (Don’t despair: every woman has at some point in their lives.) Well, even a cheap bra could be enough to save your life. An Atlanta woman found this out the hard way, when the bra strap on her left shoulder stopped a bullet that could have killed her.

Debbie Bingham, was visiting her relatives in St Petersburg, Florida. She was there to celebrate the New Year. She was outside with her daughter and son, watching a local fireworks display, when suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her left shoulder.

Apparently, some local yahoo had actually fired a gun up into the air during the fireworks display. (One supposes that he didn’t have time to buy some firecrackers.) The bullet then fell back to earth (gravity works on all sorts of things) and it hit Bingham where she was standing.

Her injuries could have been fatal, if the bullet had entered her body. However, her bra strap stopped the projectile. When she was taken to the hospital for treatment, medical personnel discovered the bullet, lodged just half-way through her bra strap.

The other half of the bullet had just broken the skin. Five stitches later, Bingham was on her way.

Police officers in St Petersburg are still searching for the shooter. At question is whether Bingham was deliberately targeted, or just a random victim.

Bingham seems a bit surprised by her luck. Her comment was: “It was a very cheap bra.” Well, it may have been inexpensive, but clearly it was made well enough to stop a bullet. That sounds more like a value buy than a cheap purchase!

I’d love to know the brand of bra that Bingham was wearing. I bet if it was publicized, there would be a huge surge in sales.

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