If you tend to think of your mother’s bras when you think of Wonderbra – think again. Dita Von Teese is collaborating with Wonderbra to bring another installment of her collection of 1950’s-inspired lingerie that is comfortable enough to wear everyday, yet reminds women of the power of seduction.

Von Teese is best know for her sexy persona as a burlesque performer. It was her performance that caught the eye of Marilyn Manson, to whom she was married for a short time. The notoriety of her life – in addition to her decidedly feminine good looks and risque performances – have kept Von Teese’s name in the news.

It is likely this combination of name recognition, background in costume design and her oft-touted fascination with all things lingerie, that attracted Wonderbra to have Von Teese design and represent a collection for them. The presence of a Von Teese collection certainly updates the “matronly” image of Wonderbra, and puts them in competition with other, more established “sexy” brands such as Agent Provacateur or even Frederick’s of Hollywood.

It’s another plus for Wonderbra that Von Teese can also model her own pieces.

The Von Teese collections are under the name Sexy Science by Dita Von Teese. The first three collections were called Multi-Teese, Spot-Teese and Satine-Teese. These are definitely sexy, but also classic in their styling rather than raunchy. I love that the garments are made of quality materials and in subtle understated colors. This is lingerie that makes the most of female assets, without detracting with a garish palette.

I really like the Multi-Teese bra, panty and thong. While they retain some of the retro feel of the overall collection, these are quite modern pieces. In fact, both bra and panty or thong include quick-release magnetic closures that would facilitate even the most shy woman in a seductive (and non-tangled) strip tease.

Of course, Von Teese is well known for her strip tease performances – so she would know how to design for enticement.