Strapless bras are often a woman’s worst nightmare. Sometimes uncomfortable and often risky – yet many fashions just don’t look the same without them. In fact, many wedding dresses demand them. I suppose it’s because there’s something alluring about a woman’s bare shoulders – and we know it.

The problem is that everything depends on that one small garment. If anything goes wrong, the bra can go one way while the breasts go another. (You get the idea. Think south for the bra and north for the breasts.)

Wonderbra thinks that they have a solution to this dilemma: the Ultimate Strapless Bra.

Now, if you’ve got the nerve to call a garment the Ultimate Strapless Bra, here’s hoping that there is something to it. The bra has apparently been designed to mimic the kind of lift and support that you get when you hold up your breasts with your hands! This garment uses a new kind of structure that is shaped with four fingers that are molded into each cup.

There’s no underwire here, folks – just those “fingers”.

It’s not just made for the small busted either. This bra comes in cup sizes from A to F and is priced for regular people to buy. (It’s more than a conventional bra, but you don’t have to break the bank to buy it.)

The diagrams show an intriguing design that is not only practical but revolutionary. I love the idea of fingers rather than underwires (which do not approximate anything natural).

Now, the bra may be built on fingers but you don’t see anything from the outside. (It’s not one of those joke bras.) The structure is built in and covered by the fabric of the bra.

Wonderbra put this new garment to the test before making its claims of Ultimate bra-dom. Testers were required to wear the bra while dancing, bending, stretching and jumping. Julia Nolan of Wonderbra said that this bra “lifts the weight of the bust, supports and gives a trusted Wonderbra cleavage” – all while keeping the “girls” in line and without all that fiddling.

Testers claim it’s the no slip strapless bra.

I don’t have a formal occasion this summer – nor a nice sundress that requires a strapless – or I’d be trying this one out for sure.