When Bra Brands Go Bust

What to do when you can’t find your favorite bra

One of the most frequent questions that we get here at BraWise is: where can I find (fill in bra brand / style of your choice). In this case, I heard from Rosa M., and she was looking for the Warners’ 1218 Bright Stripes Bra.

I have bad news. The bra has been discontinued.

This is a tough one, dear readers. Unfortunately, the manufacturers of lingerie regularly do one of the following things:

1. Go bust (no pun intended).

2. Get bought out by the competition, who then decide to “simplify” product offerings – resulting in lost / abandoned bra makes and models.

3. Decide to “shake things up a little” by changing their brands / styles.

If that weren’t problem enough, there are the perpetual demands of the marketing machine within any large business. The marketing department normally thrives on what is “new” and abhors what is “old”. Which means that just as soon as you come to depend on the reliably fitting brand X, it will surely disappear from the racks.

Which brings us back to the untimely demise of the Bright Stripes Bra. After a little research, I found that Bare Necessities is recommending the Warner’s Sleek Underneath Contour Bra if your favorite was the Warner’s Bright Stripes Bra Style #1218.

If you happen to discover that your favorite bra make and model has suddenly disappeared, I recommend typing the full name of the bra into your preferred web search engine and see who is talking about it – and what alternatives they might be suggesting. Bare Necessities will suggest alternatives if a reasonable one exists: simply type the name of the lingerie item into their search window on the home page, and you’ll end up on a page that suggests a reasonable alternate.

In the competitive world of lingerie, extinction of brands and styles is a fact of life. Whenever possible, Bra Wise will help you to find another new favorite – or introduce you to something even better.