I’m so excited: while I was on vacation, apparently Wacoal launched a new sports bra line! Given that I’m about to sign up with a local fitness club, I can’t wait to try some of these bras on in person.

The Wacoal Sport Underwire features full coverage cups made of stretch microfiber. The cups are double layer, to allow for wicking of sweat away from the body. These bras are supposed to be able to handle high-impact sports. The cups taper into “side wings” that start at 4 inches and then narrow to 2 1/4 inches. (This should help to prevent side movement of the breast out of the cup.) You can get it in black, nude and white.

If you buy one now, some online retailers are offering a gift: a free Wacoal water bottle to cart along with you while you work out.

Since Wacoal caters to the more curvaceous woman, they just happen to have my size. If you are also a triple D like me, you’ll have to buy underwire – the soft cup is available in C through DD.

The Wacoal Sport Soft Cup bra looks like a standard workout bra. Expect Wacoal quality in the fabric and manufacturing, regardless of how it looks. My one beef with this bra is the fact that it doesn’t really support each breast individually. I suspect it could be prone to the dreaded “uni-boob” phenomena.

Wouldn’t be my choice – but it doesn’t come in my size, so I won’t be tempted. At least, I won’t be until I lose some weight!

The price point for these bras are a bit higher than other brands – but I suspect you get what you pay for when it comes to a sport bra. If you love working out – especially the high impact activities – be sure to invest in a garment that will support the “girls” and help you avoid damage!