Pay attention, boys! Maybe it takes practice, but it’s worth some time being taught the art of unclasping a bra clasp on the back of a woman, using only one hand.

  1. The Clasp

Reach your hand around her back and softly locate the clasp of the bra. There may be more than one clasp, depending on the bra style and the size of her breasts. The clasp is made up of an eye-and-hook system that is held together by elastic pressure. The hook will fit into the eye and will require a slight strength to unhook. Using your thumb on the back strap, just to the right of the clasp (your right), pull it away from her back about half an inch.

  1. The Twist

Using your middle finder, press against the back strap of the opposite side of the clasp with your thumb. In this position, your thumb will be stretching the strap away from her back while your middle finder is pressing it in toward her.

  1. The Hook

Slowly turn your wrist so that your middle finger comes nearly under your thumb. As a result, the stress of the strap will be transferred to your finger and thumb. This will allow the hook to easily unclasp from the eye, releasing the goods.