Hot on the heels of push-up underwear for men comes underwear made from soy for women.

No folks – these are not edible.

Soy underwear is the invention of a recent university graduate and a current senior, both from the University of Florida. Their company, Uranus Apparel, is marketing the new undergarment option.

You have to have an interesting sense of humor to name your underwear company, “Uranus Apparel”.

Of course, these are green undies, and we don’t mean color. Soy fibers are the newest discovery of the environmentally friendly textile world. Uranus Apparel has gone completely green in both their product and product packaging: the boyshort panties come in a burlap drawstring bag that is just as biodegradable as the underwear themselves.

You don’t have to be green to like soy fabric. The feel is likened to silk and is claimed to be both breathable and warm. The signature Soyshorts got high marks from the Uranus Apparel testers for comfort. Uranus Apparel also says that the soy fabric will last longer than your favorite 100 per cent cotton panties too.

Environmentally, this fabric has many others beat hands down. It’s manufactured from the by-products of soy-based foods. What used to be waste from the production of tofu has become a new addition to eco-fabric.

Having said that, soy fabric isn’t as new as you might think: Henry Ford first used soy-based fabrics to upholster car seats.

Another ecologically friendly fabric is bamboo. Bamboo grows fast and doesn’t require pesticides. As a result, it’s a renewable fabric which is gaining the attention of eco-minded lingerie brans. On the plus side for bamboo, it is a very breathable fiber which resembles cotton in its wear and feel. It can also be combined with cotton for better durability and structure.

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