Lingerie models on roller coasters? Indeed.

Ultimo, the European lingerie brand that gave us Mel B. and Peaches Geldof as lingerie models, decided to really put its bras to the test. And what better test of real life situations than a bunch of skimpily clad women in panties and brassieres?

Having ridden a few coasters myself, I actually think it’s a good test! If you can’t keep all your parts in their proper places while you are at the amusement park, you might just become the main attraction – if you get my drift.

Turns out that a well-fit bra works wonders, even under extreme conditions.

The trick, of course, is fit. While Ultimo has been very smart to stage this educational stunt, it’s not just their bras that work. A quality bra that fits you is the right way to dress for amusement park rides.

That doesn’t mean that you can hop on your favorite coaster in a demi-cup bra and hang upside down. Even the best fit bra in the wrong style might just free the “girls” at an inopportune moment.

If you are thinking of a trip to one of the growing number of amusement parks with extreme rides, consider the following bra styles:

  1. T-shirt bra. Most T-shirt bras cover the breast well and should keep you from falling out.
  2. Sports bra. This is the best bra by far for sports – and it will work for roller coasters too! The bra is made to prevent movement of the breast. You can hang upside down in this bra and never find one of your “girls” dangling.
  3. Full coverage bra. This is another good style for roller coaster enthusiasts. The full coverage means your breasts also have more material to keep them in place.
  4. Minimizer bra. This is another good choice to ensure that your breasts stay put where you want them to be!

The kids are soon out of school and you might just find yourself at a theme park or amusement park. Make sure your bra fits!