Some companies specialize in unique and very pretty lingerie specifically for the woman getting married. However, many of us apparently don’t bother with that once-in-a-lifetime indulgence for our wedding day (and night). I know that I didn’t go and get something especially tantalizing, but opted for garments that would help me look fantastic in my dress. However, there are a host of options on the lingerie market these days so that you don’t have to choose between functional and spectacular.

In which case, why wouldn’t you splurge on that special something?

Wedding lingerie is often made in white (perfect for under a traditional white wedding dress) and comes in all styles and sizes. I recently checked out the bridal lingerie section at Lingerie Oasis, and was amazed at what you could get for less than $100. Many of these items would be perfect under almost any wedding ensemble. I saw everything from a stretch lace bustier with garters and g-string to a strapless underwire corset with matching panties. Both of these outfits were sale priced at well under $100, with the bustier set going for under $35 and the corset set for less than $60.

In addition to these pieces, I saw a stretch lace underwire teddy for a mere $25, and lovely lace topped thigh highs for only $12. The thigh highs came with their own belt and garters, for a lovely and sensuous post-wedding celebration.

At those kinds of prices, almost any bride can indulge.

Keep in mind that some of these pieces will also enhance the look of your wedding day attire. A stretch lace bustier can smooth out visible bra or panty lines, and leave your beloved breathless when you walk down the aisle. (Of course, it’s even more special if he’s breathless later when you are getting out of that wedding dress.)

If you really need to have something more structured to wear during the wedding day, there’s always the option of buying that special something that you will change into at night. Clearly, if you aren’t worried about what you have to wear over your lingerie, your options increase. However, I personally never seem to find the right moment to “slip away” and change into an outfit. It also seems impractical to put on clothes that are going to come off pretty quickly.

So why not wear your wedding night surprise under your gown?