Someone has finally done it – created a bra with two looks! Just turn it “inside out” and enjoy a second pattern or color.

This garment is called the Reversible Plunge Bra and is the creation of Frederick’s of Hollywood – you know, the company of fame for their trashy underwear? Having said that, this isn’t the same old Frederick’s anymore. While you can still get items just for the boudoir, you can also get great bras that you can wear everyday – like the Reversible Bra.

I have not had a chance to try this bra, but I’m very tempted. Right now if you order 2 you get them for $24.50 a piece. In addition, as long as your order includes at least one of these garments, you’ll get a coupon for $20 against your next lingerie purchase from Frederick’s of Hollywood.

The colors for these bras are yummy, and run from suitable for the office to something a bit wilder. Nothing too raunchy here though – just a lovely microfiber plunge bra, in either full cup or a deeper cutaway cup.

The structure in the garment is provided by underwires, and not padding – which is very good news for us larger-breasted types. Padding is something I do not need! In fact, this bra really caters to the full busted crowd, providing support and creating cleavage in sizes 32DD to 42F.

Another plus is that you can buy a matching thong for each bra, making a very pretty set. You might not expect this (I didn’t) but the panties are reversible too! So, for an investment in one set of matching bra and panties, you actually get two sets.

I did find a fellow blogger who wrote about her experience with these bras. Katarina Kovacevic says that the only downside that she found with her Reversible Plunge Bra was that it created just a little bunching on the sides when she wears a tighter top – although she muses that she might need to check her size. (I’d guess that the answer to that question is yes.)