But is it really perfect?

My question is: now that this bra has been out on the market for a few weeks, is it living up to its name?

I’ve seen the online pitch. Heidi Klum talks up the virtues of the bra, while sitting there in nothing but the Perfect One and matching panties. Of course, this isn’t a true indicator for me, since Klum would look just about perfect in just about anything.

So, I went hunting for some folks who have actually had the bra on their person, and done a review. This led me to Fashionable Yet Frugal. The author of the blog, Jacelyn, gave the bra a solid thumbs up, although she did cite one small flaw with the bra itself and that was the padding. She notes that as a D cup, she doesn’t need padding – and prefers a good lining over padding. However, if you are smaller busted, this could actually be a plus rather than a minus for the Perfect One.

I also read a review by Ellen Warren of the Chicago Tribune. While she thinks the bra is an improvement over some of its brethren, she cites underwire poking! In my opinion, this is one of the worst possible flaws in a bra, because nothing is more irritating. Well, except for the “itchy stitching”.

Stitching that sticks up and irritates the skin should be illegal – especially on a bra.

Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing whether Warren had a problem of sizing or if the bra was a dud. Buying a bra that is not sized properly can definitely result in underwires hitting you in all the wrong places. The underwires are as precisely sized as the rest of the garment, meaning that they change not only for different cup sizes but also for different band sizes.

I wonder if Warren should book an appointment with Susan Nethero, the “Bra Whisperer”. Nethero says that there’s no such thing as a perfect bra – just one that’s right for you!