Plunge Bras: The U Bra

The single biggest secret behind those recent revealing red carpet Oscar fashions is the plunge bra.

One of the best lingerie makers in the plunge bra market is the U Bra. The U bra looks a lot like it sounds; the cups are cut away from the breasts at the cleavage in such a way that a “U” shape is created. It allows the wearer to put on a revealing dress or outfit, without ever committing the fashion faux pas of showing off your bra straps.

Perhaps we should introduce them to Amy Winehouse, or Britney Spears. (Mind you, some celebrities enjoy showing off what’s underneath. Or perhaps what’s not underneath.)

The U Bra has just come out with a newer model that shows even more skin than it’s predecessors. This one is particularly suited to those deeply plunging Oscar necklines while still providing some support for the girls.

While you’d think this bra would only be the for smaller busted, you’d be wrong. A little research revealed that you can get the U bra in sizes up to a 36D. However, I do think it looks much better on women who have wider set breasts.

If you want more control and smoother shaping all over, consider the Va Bien Ultra-Lift Low Plunge Body Briefer. This provides all the benefits of the U Bra, with firm body shaping and a low back. It also comes in sizes up to 38D. Be prepared: this garment comes with boned cups! (Nothing is going to be falling out of place with this lingerie item.)

You can also get the U Plunge Long Leg Bodybriefer, which will show only what you want to show and will keep everything else tucked nicely away.

The one thing that often kept me away from one piece lingerie was the joys of heading off to the ladies’ room and completely disrobing. A plus with both the Va Bien and U Plunge one piece shapers is that they have a hook and eye gusset.

Thank heavens for innovations.