How to know if you have the right size bra

At BraWise, we are always talking about the fit of your undergarments. It’s the single biggest factor in getting what you want from your bras.

However, most bra fitting guides simply describe what is involved in a correct fitting. If you are lucky, you’ll get a really good guide that also makes use of pictures to show you how to move through the process. While this helps, it still doesn’t always make the finer points of fitting as clear as they could be.

At MonkeySee, you can find tastefully done, basic instructions on how to get the right bra. All the main points are covered, from when to go up or down a band size to when to go up or down a cup size. My only complaint is that the instructions don’t cover the pros and cons of the various styles of bra, with the exception of the strapless bra and the extreme plunge bra. In addition, there is no discussion of how measuring the breasts at the fullest part versus measuring around the chest wall can help you to estimate your correct cup size. Having said that, it is a very good and straightforward guide to fitting a good, “daily wear” bra, which is done in a way that any woman can see whether the bra she has on fits her properly without confusion.

No matter what any expert recommends for bra fitting, the final call is always yours. What I really like about these short videos is that our bra fitting expert suggests that the last detail to check is how the bra looks under your clothes! How many women try on a bra, look at themselves in the mirror in the bra, and then decide whether to buy or not to buy without ever putting their shirt back on over the undergarment?

If your bra does not look right with the style of clothes that you wear, it isn’t the right bra – even if it “fits”.

Finally, you are your own bra expert. Even if you are working with a professional lingerie fitter, do not be talked into an item that you don’t feel comfortable in! Any bra that is sitting in your dresser drawer collecting dust is a waste of your time and money – and isn’t the right bra for you.