Occasionally, I drop by Net-A-Porter. You can check out a number of designers and their ready-to-wear collections that are being sold to the mass market.

It’s a bit of a voyeur’s game. Most of us cannot afford to buy such luxurious treats. For that matter, checking out the site is the closest that most of us will get to haute couture! After all, I know I’m not in the market to have a name brand designer make something custom to my individual curves.

However, McCartney’s lingerie is worth a peek. Her designs are generally made in high quality materials with quality finishings. Many of her lingerie items are silk and silk blend materials, for that sumptuous feel against the skin. Also, for such a popular designer, I find her items relatively well-priced.

But don’t expect a bra and panties for $20. After all, you aren’t shopping at Walmart when you are cruising the pages on Net-A-Porter.

For me, there is too much of a focus on thong underwear in her collection. Personally, I think you can be sexy without having a string between your cheeks. Having said that, I like many of her panties in the collection and adore the idea of her “Knickers of the week” pack. You get 7 pairs of underwear in a box with individual drawers for each pair of – well – drawers! These are silk blend underwear with the day of the week embroidered on the front. (Reminds me of my youngest child’s first set of big girl underwear. She also had 1 pair for each day of the week – although they were not made of silk blend material, nor were they $195 for the set.)

But my favorite piece of the current collection, without question, is the Eve Giggling Body Suit. This is the epitome of sexy and classy. The bra portion is satin trimmed and coupled with a mesh body that enhances your assets while leaving just a little to the imagination. The black mesh is a silk blend that is considered demi-sheer. It comes in sizes small, medium and large. The large fits a UK size 12-14.

If I finally get those last baby pounds off, I might just treat myself to one of these. It’s the one piece where I looked at the price and could imagine paying it.