A comfortable and good fitting bra could almost be the holy grail of sport related purchases for those of us who are well-endowed and Rubinesque.

Most sports bra manufacturers seem to think that if you are over a 36D, you must be a coach potato. Have I got news for them! As a mother of young children, I find that I really need to work out to keep my energy levels at their best. However, as the owner of a 38DDD bust line, getting the right sports bra is a significant challenge.

Many sports bras promote the approach that has become known as the dreaded “uni-boob”. This means that your large breasts are compressed into one functional unit in order to limit movement. Often, this is accomplished with a bra that is quite snug and also pulls over your head.

This is a Draconian combination if ever there was one – designed for the kind of torture that hurts both your pride and your body.

If you want to do high-impact sports, and still want to have a shape, consider sports bras that eschew compression for the more modern encapsulation. These bras will have more structure though – and often include underwires.

If you aren’t a fan of underwire bras, your decision will often be to either put up with them for the duration of your workout, or sport a single mass of breast tissue.

While I don’t often do running at the gym, I wear a bra designed for high impact. One of the reasons for this is that I can choose on a moment’s notice to attend an aerobics class if I want to – and don’t have to think twice about which bra I wore to the gym. Also, if you are large breasted, you know that sometimes a “medium impact” sport for other people is a “high impact” sport for you, just by virtue of your female attributes. In short – big breasts bounce more.

I always consider the boy scout’s motto when choosing a sport bra: be prepared.

If you are thinking about shopping for bras soon, consider Bendon Sport Extreme Out High-Impact Underwire. It comes in sizes up to 40G through our retail partner Bare Necessities. What I like about this bra is that it actually has some style to it – as well as control. Frankly, I hate to wear something deliberately ugly just because I’m going to work out.

Another great high-control underwire sports bra is Freya. It comes in sizes up to 38H. You can get it in both an underwire style and a soft cup style.

Another sports bra that avoids underwires is the Enell Wire-Free Sports Bra. They have their own unique sizing which allows a range of band and cup sizes to wear a single size, designated by a number. Bare Necessities carries Enell from 0 to 4, which covers sizes up to 44D and up to DDD cups for other sizes.

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