Apparently Cameron Diaz doesn’t have much luck with changing her bad habits. Diaz has been quoted this week, saying, “I have always had the same New Year resolutions: to stop smoking, to start wearing a bra and to stop shopping.”

Well, I absolutely agree that she should quit smoking. At BraWise, we are all about healthy breasts cradled in lovely bras – and smoking increases your chances of breast cancer. But give up shopping? How is Diaz going to get those bras if she doesn’t shop?

Of course, when you make as much money as she does, you can get the merchandise to come to you! She could have all of the fun without hitting the store. A few strategic measurements and a discussion of preferred styles, and someone on her staff could pick up a selection of items that she could try on in her own home.

However, I have another suggestion for Diaz. She could consider one of BraWise’s new favorite ways to get a bra – and get it made right. Snares of Venus will make bras designed to your exact specifications, and all from your own home! (If you don’t go to the store, it can’t count as shopping – right?) After all, for most of us the danger in shopping is the “impulse buy”. A well-researched purchase that will deliver value and meet a real need is not the same as shopping as an addiction.

Having said that, I think most of us are prone to the occasional bout of retail therapy. Given that many ignore their undergarments in favor of the items that will be seen by the public, a little bit of shopping for bras as part of that therapy would be a good thing.

I think that leads me to a great set of New Year’s resolutions for all BraWise readers:
1. I will ensure that every bra in my wardrobe will fit properly.
2. I will give away any that don’t – to charities that will make use of them.
3. If finances allow, I’ll buy myself at least one matching set of bra and panties.

Consider it an investment in your self confidence.