Rebecca Romijn – Keeping Her Bra On

Here’s an old wives tale that needs to be corrected: your breasts do not lose their shape due to pregnancy! Your breasts lose their shape due to large weight gain and loss – which typically happens to every woman when she gets pregnant and then loses that weight gain after the baby is born.

Rebecca Romijn

However, if you look at the breasts of a woman who has gained and lost a lot of weight without pregnancy, her breasts will also have lost some of their bounce – and it won’t be the fault of any baby. Frankly, aging and gravity will have their day, no matter what you do.

Which brings me to Rebecca Romijn and her strategy to deal with pregnancy: she is wearing a bra all the time in a bid to save her “puppies.”

At BraWise, we think puppies are the young of dogs, and not anatomical parts of adult females. However, no matter what you call your “girls,” wearing a bra constantly will not change their shape. It’s also not good for your bra.

I think I shared with my readers the sad demise of a bra of mine that was worn non-stop for about a week. (It was the week from hell, which included me getting sick – and sleeping on the living room couch – and both kids getting sick. Between running from one bedroom to another and falling asleep sitting up because I was so tired – that poor bra never came off. When it did, it was not in good shape.) Bras need rest as much as you do. Ideally, you’ll have at least 3 bras (but preferably more) so that you can wear it for one day and then put it in the laundry. Fortunately, after a bit of rest and a wash in the proper lingerie soap, my bra rebounded nicely.

After all, those high-tech silky fabrics need a chance to return to their original shape in order to provide you with the support you want.

Having said that, sometimes breasts are pretty sensitive in pregnancy. When I was pregnant for my son, I went out and bought a few soft, unstructured bras that would give my breasts just a bit of support in the night, while also allowing my lymph system to work effectively.

Which brings me back to Rebecca Romijn. She claims that she’s always wanted children. I suspect she’ll have to tolerate some changes in her body as part of the deal.

One more thing: breastfeeding also doesn’t harm your breasts and their shape. In fact, I’ve known small-busted women who had larger breasts and better cleavage after nursing, and other large-busted women who were happily a smaller size after baby weaned! So, go ahead and do the right thing for your baby and yourself. Nursing will substantially reduce your chances of breast cancer as a reward.

Besides, the new breastfeeding bras are made for women who still want to be sexy – which is all that Rebecca Romijn is after, I’m sure.