Lingerie is one of the most popular gifts you can give a woman. Whether it’s your wife, girlfriend or friend – it just works! But hang on here … we’re missing some of the most important women in our lives – our mothers! It’s time we give our mothers some fun and sexy pieces of lingerie that they too can look and feel good in.

Maybe you feel uncomfortable buying lingerie for mom? Well, check out some of these tips to help ensure you find the perfect pieces.

  • Do some investigation. See what type of lingerie she likes and wears. Also make sure you check out the sizes, styles and lengths.
  • Give yourself lots of option. Whether shopping at department stores, lingerie specialty stores or purchasing through websites, lingerie suppliers come in many forms and offer many benefits.
  • When choosing a gift, I’d recommend bringing home a nice selection of pieces instead of just one item. Try giving a combo-gift that includes a nightgown, slip and robe. This will ensure that she has a suitable new outfit.
  • Pick a color that you think would look good on her. Take some chances here! If she doesn’t own any red, but you feel it would suit her look, try it! The odds of her choosing something dramatic like this is rare. Trust me, even if she doesn’t like it when seeing it out of the box, by the time she tries it on, she’ll be thankful you got her out of her conservative shell!
  • When buying, check the return policy before you finalize the purchase. When Mom opens it up and decides it just won’t work, you’ll be thankful that you did your research and selected something that you can return or exchange.
  • Want to spice it up even more? Add in a small bottle of perfume or some candles with the lingerie. This will give her a complete packaged kit.

Take chances! Buy lingerie for the women you love, including your mother! Make her feel special. Our mothers deserve to feel sexy and confident just as much as we do!