Wonderbra, famous for putting the female assets up and out, has now turned its attention to men. Wonderbra has now released Push-Up Underwear, designed to make the most of male assets.

I can’t make this stuff up.

Here are the details on this new undergarment: the briefs themselves have a special pocket that is built to push the contents up and out, just like the best bra. This is to help men be less ashamed, according to designer Roland Lodoli.

Is this a case of truth is stranger than fiction? Do men really have this degree of insecurity about their “packages”? Are they worried that they have only “modest manhoods”?

I was intrigued. I had to research this!

I found Men’s Underwear Guy who blogs on all things male undergarment. (Who knew?) It seems the arrival of push-up underwear is simply getting on the bandwagon of Canadian Gregg Homme, who released push-up thongs, boxer briefs, regular briefs and jock straps under the brand Basixx. These undies actually included a removable padding made of 100 per cent polurethane.

Then I had to see if regular folks were actually talking about this stuff. After all, manufacturers can make whatever they want but that doesn’t mean people will buy it.

People are definitely talking. One male commenter posted on Trap17, “This is between hilarious and creepy.” Perhaps that says it all.

Nevertheless, these underwear are flying off the shelves in Croatia – which is where designer Roland Lodoli released them first. In fact, the response has been so positive that he’s now busy designing men’s swimwear with the same enhancement technology.

If you take a quick trip to The Sun online, you can see a picture of the Push-up Boxer Brief. While they otherwise look like a regular pair of (somewhat ordinary) underwear, it’s clear that the male model is getting quite a boost from these things.

You just gotta wonder.