As we now start to see real signs of spring, it’s also time for that high-school tradition: the prom.

Prom time is likely the one day in their child’s 4 years of highschool that a teenager’s parents can see their daughter dressed up! Most teens don’t have much reason to don formal attire – the prom gives a teen a chance to glam it up!

Unfortunately, this is usually a double-edged sword for parents who still haven’t caught on that little Suzie is almost an adult now. And those lovely prom dresses are going to accentuate those developing female curves.

However, there are ways to dress up without revealing a lot of skin. Teen queen Taylor Swift has once again popularized the floor-length corset dress in her recent video for her hit single “Love Story”, a romantic homage to the Romeo and Juliet story, with a much happier ending. While the strapless version she croons in could send a protective father into cardiac arrest, the more traditional gown with a square neck can be carried off quite nicely by a young figure – and a square neckline will strategically cover bra straps.

For older teens (who are more young women rather than girls indulging in a fairy tale), consider something stylish and classy in a prom gown. However, this can mean such adult conventions as invisible self-adhesive bra cups. If your daughter is opting for strapless or plunging necklines – despite your chagrin – help her find the right garment (or adhesive add-on) to keep all her parts inside that designer outfit!

Is your teen interested in a spaghetti-strap gown? While it is possible to get a bra with invisible straps, it can look a bit tacky. Invisible bra straps are basically clear plastic straps that can replace the fabric straps on a convertible bra. I’m not a fan of these, because they tend to show up as a glint or bit of glare as lighting hits them. Having worn them myself, I can also vouch for the fact that they are darned uncomfortable. Introduce your child instead to the wonders of strapless bras, so she can go feeling as grown-up as she looks.

Whatever your budget – or your daughter’s budget – for her prom outfit, make sure the budget includes a bra that fits well and makes your daughter look and feel like a princess.