Seems that Peaches Geldof has no issue in being seen in her underwear – or so her new career as a lingerie model would indicate.

After recent topless photos of Geldof at the beach were published, she apparently landed a contract to pose for Ultimo. Just last year, Geldof did a Goth-inspired photo shoot for lingerie brand, Agent Provocateur (AG). She was followed by sister Pixie, who starred in another campaign for AG and its spring / summer 2009 collection.

It seems Peaches Geldof has developed a taste for doffing her clothing.

That aside, Geldof says that she thinks she is a better underwear model than overly skinny models. (Victoria Beckham, who is practically a bone rack, comes to mind in her recent Armani shoots. While that campaign plays up her best features, pictures taken in the light of day show just how skinny Ms Beckham really is.) Peaches says, “I’d rather young girls were looking at a normal body like mine rather than an anorexic model.”

I’d have to agree with Ms Geldof on this point. The vast majority of the human race – female and male – are neither underweight nor perpetually scowling.

As for the collection itself, Ultimo has done a retro theme. The use of lace and ribbons and frills as well as the patterned fabrics all recall a time when we were, perhaps, a bit more innocent. (This is an interesting contrast to Geldof’s tatooed skin.)

Miss Ultimo, the specific line that Geldof is wearing, uses some unique fabrics. Many of the sets are constructed from chiffon or poly chiffon. This can help to add structure to the bra. I quite like many of the styles included in the spring collection, but would like some more variety in the panties: the designers seem to have gone wild for hipsters.

I also like the collection for almost anyone who wants a younger feeling, yet well constructed, lingerie set. Every bra comes with a matching panty. The Miss Ultimo site lists bras at about $25 with matching panties just over $10. However, the lingerie is priced in Euros, which means that you’ll pay whatever the current exchange rate is – unless you can find a local retailer. There’s a great size range too, from 30 to 38 on band size and cup size from A to DD. Panties go up to a European size 18.

Might make it worth it for those shipping charges.