Oola Lingerie

A New Brand Just for Plus Sizes

I know I’m biased to my fellow plus-size women: I promise to feature some of my favorite lingerie lines that cater to my more petite compatriots in my next blog post! But in the meantime, may I introduce you to Oola?

Oola is a new lingerie maker out of the UK that caters specifically to the plus size crowd. They even go so far as to use real plus size women as models, as opposed to the absolutely perfect, air-brushed, 34B models that many lingerie lines use. I appreciate this: it gives me a chance to see the bra accurately depicted, so I have a much better idea of how the item will fit.

Oola has two lines of lingerie: Oola Expressions; and, Oola Temptations. Expressions is the “daily wear” line, suitable for wearing to work. Think lovely, but demure. The Temptations line is meant to delight: while you can wear these pieces under your business suit, it’s a shame to hide them.

I really appreciate lingerie sites that allow you to search by your size and see exactly what they have that will fit you. For me, it’s the sign of a quality lingerie site. The Oola site passes this test with flying colors. I also should note that the site also gets points for simplicity and ease. You don’t have to be a computer wiz in order to find your way around.

Oola caters very specifically to the plus size crowd, by focusing on band widths from 38 to 48, in cup sizes from B to G. (I think there’s at least one DD in there, so they really go to size H if you use straight alphabetical order. But then, we’ve already established that cup sizing is an art form).

One last piece of great news for any plus size gals out there who have been thinking of treating themselves to some new lingerie: Oola is in the midst of a 50% off sale! They even have a reasonable return policy, which takes into account us overseas customers. Just be ready for that shipping charge.