I sometimes muse about all the things I wish I could use my bra for. My bra over the years has become a vital storage area when I don’t have any handy pockets available. Having decent size breasts allowed me the option to shove all sorts of things in there without anyone noticing.

In high school, I used to store the odd pen and pencil in my bra. It was great because I always had a writing utensil on me. Carrying a pen in my bra gave me the option of leaving the pencil case at home. As I began university, my pen tradition continued right through. I always liked to store it on the left side just underneath my armpit.

University evenings were always another story. Many of my lady friends used to go out to bars and stay out real late. I never liked bringing a purse because I was always scared of theft. My bra became a storage area for my cell phone which fit where my pen lived during the day. Pieces of paper usually lived between the cleavage, while money, credit cards and coat check tickets floated throughout the cup but remained safe thanks to the underwire. When I think back to it now, I was basically a Tetris master when it came to fitting things into my bra and ensuring they’d be safe.

Even today, I’m a fan of putting important pieces of paper into my bra. If I throw them into my pocket, they go right into the wash and are lost. If they’re in my bra, they tend to just fall off when the bra comes off. The odds of me finding something in my bra when I take it off is much higher than remembering something in my pocket.

I’d love it a bra just came with these storage options included. A pocket for spare change would be great in one of the cups. I’d also like some side pockets under the armpits for things like ID, credit cards and cellphones. Another great option would be a clip-on attachable pocket which could be added to the center between the breasts.

What do you think, readers? Is there a market for this kind of thing? More importantly, I’d love to hear what kind of weird things other women have been stuffing in their bras over the years!