Monique Goes Bra Shopping

It’s tough when you are a size outside the “norm”.

I have a good friend, K., who is quite lithe and small breasted. (We have often joked that we’d make two average busted women between us.) We both have a similar problem – how to find a lovely, well-made everyday bra when we don’t have time to hit a specialty store.

Which makes me wonder why I decided that I’d try a department store. Perhaps it was the enticement of January sales or the fact that I’ve managed to generate more than my share of lingerie casualties lately. Perhaps it was my successful lingerie purchase a few months back at Walmart. Perhaps it was the fact that Kelly commented on a recent post that she had “a ridiculous” number of bras.

Heck – I’m a bra expert. Shouldn’t I have a ridiculous number of bras?

I guess it was the arrival of my youngest that sent me into a tailspin when it came to my undergarment wardrobe. Life just got complicated somehow. Then there was the whole challenge of gaining weight for pregnancy; then losing it; then gaining it again due to a low thyroid problem. My size changed more often than your favorite celebrity’s hair style. However, I’ve started on thyroid medication and my weight has settled down.

It really was time to buy some new bras.

Off I went, with my kids and my mother in tow. (Note to self: when you want the time to shop for brassieres, do NOT travel with a posse.) Eldest child wanted to look at DVD’s so that he could spend his Christmas gift card. Youngest one wanted Grandma to take her to the toy section. I figured anything was good, as long as I got a chance to cruise the racks of merchandise.

Sale signs were everywhere. It’s amazing how those bright colored pronouncements will contribute to a complete loss of one’s senses.

I found a couple of lovely styles that I really liked – but not in 38DDD – which is my correct size. Then, I did the thing that most women do when they can’t find their size: I tried on those lovely bras in the next biggest band width.

You’ll be happy to know that I came to my senses, dear readers, when I looked at my profile in the mirror of the change room and saw that the band was pulling up in the middle of my back. This is classic sign of a bra that doesn’t fit properly.

But, the prettiest one was also on sale for less than $10!

We left the store with a DVD for my son. So much for bra shopping.