Well, I’m back from the warm and sunny Caribbean and I am happy to report that I did find a way to travel with a molded cup bra.

Wear it.

I suspect that if you are smaller busted that you can more easily pack molded cup bras. However, if you are larger busted like me, packing these beauties necessitates an overhaul of both your packing methods and your preferred clothing choices. In other words, I couldn’t find the right pieces of clothing to fit inside the cups to help them retain their shape: after all, I was heading to a warm place, and one of the best things to pack inside the bra cups are warm socks.

Obviously, if you are hanging out in the Caribbean, enjoying 80+ degrees Fahrenheit, you don’t need warm socks. So then I tried underwear in each molded cup, but frankly – when living in a bathing suit, you don’t need that much underwear either.

So, I wore one molded cup bra down on the plane – and packed a couple of nice, full coverage seamless cup bras in my luggage.

This was the perfect way to handle having both “dress-up” lingerie, as well as “everyday” lingerie. After all, most all-inclusive resorts (like we prefer) will have at least one or two up-scale restaurants to give you a break from the monotony of buffet meals. Those restaurants give you a chance to dress up and have someone wait on your table. It also provides an excuse for a classy outfit – rather than just one beach ensemble after another.

Now that our kids are a bit more independent, we’ll likely take a short “adults only” vacation next winter and hope that Grandma Tess will take them for a few days. In that case I might want a bit more variety in my lingerie, to remind my beloved why he married me in the first place. But if I want a molded cup bra on hand, I’ll be wearing it on the plane.