It had to happen.

As the mother of a young family (read: sleep deprived), I am often doing too many things at once. For instance – running after kids, cooking supper and doing laundry all at the same time.

That resulted in my latest laundry casualty – one of my molded cup bras. Somehow, it was hidden in another clothing item (that it shouldn’t have been washed with either) and ended up in the dryer.

It still resembles a bra, but only because I had the dryer set on “medium”. If it had gone through a regular cycle, I can only guess how it would have looked. As it is, the molded cup has taken on a new shape – one that looks a lot different than my regular female anatomy.

I am hoping that I can wear it back into shape, and that body heat will help.

It also occurred to me that I might be the ideal candidate for a Bra Dryer. The Bra Dryer is a appliance that is shaped like a female torso. At the time, I thought that perhaps it was just one of those gizmos that would only appeal to a select crowd.

After my most recent lingerie mishap, I think I might just be part of that crowd!

Molded cup bras really don’t like to be abused. However, I have a history of abusing my daily-wear lingerie. After all, if I wear it every day, it should be able to “take it”. However, most of the best high-tech innovations in bra materials don’t like my standard treatment.

But when you are doing laundry for a family, sometimes a load of hand-washing is just insult to injury.

It occurs to me that I should just wash my unmentionables in the ensuite bathroom. While not decorative (per se), it would mean that they’d never see the inside of the laundry hamper, to disappear inside one of my son’s t-shirts and re-emerge in less than stellar shape.