Lingerie By Horoscope Sign

Astrologists are always looking for new ways to apply astrology to human life. Well, it turns out that your horoscope sign can reveal your true desires in lingerie.

Aquarians like to shock and excite. As a result, this woman wants something different. Don’t expect traditional lingerie pieces to keep them interested. Instead, consider newer styles that grab attention. Think of Christina Ricci, who has worked hard to avoid being stereotyped – and who isn’t afraid to shock from time to time.

Then, there are those born in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is the sign of imagination. They like to set up a scene and play it out. A haute couture bra and panty set will help to start the fires of the Pisces female – especially if it let’s her role play. Think Elizabeth Taylor, the consummate story teller, who has appeared in over 60 movies.

Aries women are relatively direct and simple. There isn’t a lot of patience here: any lingerie should be ready to fall away at a moment’s notice! A silky slip is an ideal item, especially if it has spaghetti straps that can slide off the shoulders. Aries is a sign ruled by the planet Mars, so consider red for the Aries gal. This woman isn’t going to wait for the seduction – she might just initiate it. Think hot fiery Electra, played by an Aries – Jennifer Garner.

Taurus the Bull is the sign of indulgence. These women will highlight their curves and their feminine shape. The desire is to stoke the fire through touch, without revealing too much – until later. Apparently, this temperament prefers baby-doll nighties in luxurious fabrics. Janet Jackson is a famous Taurus who has fronted her own lingerie collection called Pleasure Principle – it was all about indulgence, luxury and female powers.

The sign of Gemini is known as the Twins. As you might expect, this woman will want it both seductive and fun. Baby dolls would work here too – but paired with a revealing panty. Think Angelina Jolie here when you think of the contrast of a Gemini – a mom of 6 and UN ambassador who has made many a frivolous action movie and has loads of ink.

The Cancer woman wants a highly feminine and more traditional approach. She won’t be in her mother’s nightgown – but consider an updated version of this staple. Look for a full-length version with revealing lace insets, for instance. The late Princess Diana was born under the sign of Cancer.

Leo wants centre stage. However, the Leo woman also doesn’t want to waste too much time getting to the good stuff. With this gal, drama is a key word. Avoid too many bells and whistles, and consider a sexy chemise. Halle Barry is a great example of the Leo woman who is dramatic, but keeps it simple.

Virgos are born under the sign of the Virgin, and are drawn to feminine modesty. However, this doesn’t mean that she isn’t enticing or seductive. Consider something demure, like a satin pyjama set, in a colour that hints at what lies under the surface. Greta Garbo is a famous Virgo who was always modest in her attire – and always smoldering.

Libras are the sign of balance. Here’s a woman who wants both class and seduction. Libras should have lingerie that appeals to their aesthetics as well as their sense of what is sexy. Kate Winslet is a Libra: she shows a great degree of refinement, while also knowing how to work her curves.

For mystery, turn to Scorpio. In fact, intensity might be their middle name. Since mystery and seduction go hand in hand, these women are best suited to the long, slow unraveling that includes such things as garter belts and stockings. Think Bollywood star, Aishwarya Rai, for that combination of seduction and mystery – despite her public persona.

The Sagittarius woman is not about mystery. When you think of this sign, think Sporty Spice. Lingerie that could be seen both in the bedroom and the gym best suits this gal – perhaps a sports bra in a delicious color with a form-fitting yoga pant.

Last but not least is Capricorn. This is the sign of discipline: this woman will believe that all good things are worth waiting for. She may be somewhat traditional, even retro: expect corsets and bustiers as well as details such as hooks and laces.