If you’re like most women, there’s an embarrassing gap in your education: no one ever taught us the proper way to wear a bra!

Placing breasts properly in your bra is similar to product placement in a store: how they are displayed can make all the difference in how they are perceived. Get it right and you’ll earn approving looks all day long, and feel self-confident to boot. Get it wrong and you could look, well, a bit lumpy and even freakish!

There are seven main steps to correctly wearing your bra. Use these steps every time you put on a bra, not just when you are trying them on for fit in a store.

  • First, use a mirror so that you get comfortable with the way your breasts look on your body when bra fitting. Put your arms through the bra shoulder straps.
  • Bring the band close to your body so that it sits directly under the bottom of your breasts.
  • Lean forward so that your breasts fall into the cups and fold your arms around your back close the hooks.
  • Hook at the loosest setting first. See if the bra band is comfortable in this setting. If not, go tighter to the second hook. As time passes and your bra loses stretch, move hooks in to remain tight.
  • As you stand up, adjust the shoulder straps so that they are comfortable on your shoulders.
  • Make sure the strap length is at a comfortable setting that will help support and hold up the breasts.
  • As you look at your final result in the mirror, use your hand to reposition the breasts in the cup leaving them fully supported. As you reposition your breasts, point your nipples forward. There should be no spillage over the top of the bra. If there is, you may need refitting for a proper cup size.