How To Find an Elita Retailer

I got the following question from Carolyn A. of Toronto:

I’m looking for the Elita 6200 in a 36 white. I’m having difficulty finding it. I’m in Toronto; the best I can do is buying it from with a hefty shipping fee. If I can get it locally without the shipping that would be ideal, but even just a Canadian retailer with less shipping would be good.

Carolyn – I have good news for you! I have found a number of Canadian retailers carrying Elita lingerie and they are right in Toronto.

Every woman has searched for a particular bra. I know I have, especially if that particular brassiere fits exactly the way that you like. So, for every woman who is looking for that certain undergarment and cannot find it, here are my tips to find that elusive piece of lingerie:

  1. The first thing you should do is look up the manufacturer of the item. In this case, I looked up the home site of Elita and then checked on the site for a “product finder.”
  2. If they don’t have a product finder, it’s worth a quick contact with the manufacturer directly to see if they can help you. They will always have a “Contact Us” page with either emails or phone numbers.
  3. If they do have a product finder, you are in luck! In the case of the Elita site, they have a finder for online retailers as well as physical stores in your area. A quick search turned up a number of stores, including The Bay and Sears.
  4. Once you have the names of the stores, save your feet and give them a call. While the stores I’ve listed both carry Elita, they may not have the particular bra that you are looking for. So, call and see if they carry it. Be sure to quote the full name of the article as Elita Les Essentials Crossover Cami: if you just quote the number, it’s possible that a sales person will abandon the search without really knowing if they have the item in stock.
  5. If they don’t have your item, always ask about special orders. While large retailers may be less receptive to this idea, small retailers may jump at the chance to get your business. So, don’t just stop on that first page of listed stores. Click the “View more choices” link at the top right hand side of the results window on the Elita site – and see who might be willing to order your item for you.