Women are lazy when it comes to washing our bras properly. We spend excessive money on bras, only to have them ruined when we throw them into the washing machine. Bras can easily get caught on the agitator, on the drum or squished with the weight of our other clothes in the spin cycle. Talk about an investment going down the drain!

BraBaby protects bras in the washing machine.I always find myself hand-washing my bras and leaving them out to dry over night. I tend to do laundry at night, and washing my bras by hand doesn’t necessarily sound too appealing. Why oh why can’t I put them into the washing machine?

I’ve written a few articles now on how to properly care for your bras, but is anybody listening? Well, luckily, someone else has been noodling over this dilemma, and has come up with a smart way to baby your bra. BraBaby.com has developed a unique patented device that will protect padded bras in the washing machine. The two-shell design is made of a smooth strong plastic that will support each cup of the bra, keeping them from getting damaged in the washing machine.

Simply hook the bra straps together and place each cup around the inner shell. Follow by tucking the straps inside and snapping the outer shell on. Your bra will now be protected from the agitator and the weight of other clothing. BraBaby claims it will keep your expensive padded bras in perfect shape.