Lingerie market embraces organic fabrics

Looking to boost your green cred? With environmental concerns growing in the public eye, many lingerie companies have designed garments with eco-wise women like you in mind. In various corners of the lingerie market, we can finally find lingerie, bras, and loungewear that respect the environment while still providing fashion choices that are modern and fun.

The most common and easy to find eco-friendly bra is made with organic cotton. Don’t think that buying cotton means you give up anything in comfort: organic cotton feels ultra-soft and is lightweight to the touch. The only drawback (from a fashion standpoint) is that color choices for these bras are often limited because environmentally minded manufacturers tend to focus on natural dyes.

Another option becoming more familiar to consumers is bamboo fiber. Why the fascination with bamboo? This fast-growing plant does not require destructive farming practices, including pesticides or fertilizers, during the growing process. Increasingly, eco-minded manufacturers combine the benefits of bamboo fibers with cotton, to produce bras that wick moisture from the body and still breathe. Bamboo fabrics are often available in limited colors for the same reasons as cotton fibers.

Not interested in either bamboo or cotton bras? How about hemp! The latest eco-friendly material to catch the collective imagination comes from the humble (and notorious) hemp plant. Bras made of hemp are only just coming onto the market, but you can find other kinds of lingerie and loungewear in hemp.

Some lingerie manufacturers have already developed a reputation for specializing in eco-friendly products that will help you to do good for the planet while you do something nice for yourself. Check out our list of manufacturers that will appeal to your conscience:

GreenKnickers is a British eco-friendly brand that is offering organic cotton and hemp fiber fabrics. Although they do not yet specialize in bras, they do offer a wide selection of women’s panties. Made of hemp, silk and organic cottons, the pieces are unbleached and free of harmful dyes.

Chantelle has released an Eco Bra that has been designed for women who feel it is important to purchase environmentally friendly fabrics. Made of bamboo fibers, the bra is both soft and supportive. During their manufacturing process, the Eco Bras go through a minimum of chemical treatments.

Eco-Boudoir is a new manufacturer of high-end, fair-trade lingerie. Their unstructured bras and panties are not only style-conscious but also biodegradable.

Hanro hasreleased a Bamboo collection of lingerie. The collection includes smooth, unpadded cups in lightweight fabrics. The stretch knit material, made of bamboo, is soft to the touch and remains cool. The fabrics also have antibacterial properties.

As we come across more environmentally friendly bra collections, we’ll update our list. Happy eco-shopping!