Many women have wished longingly to have more “up top”. In some cases, it’s not because they don’t think they are sexy enough – it’s because certain men don’t think they are sexy enough.

Even Meryl Streep – who is looking pretty darned fine for someone who will turn 60 this year – has had her challenges with her bust line. Now, Streep is a fairly generous 32DD, but apparently certain directors just didn’t see her playing sexy roles.

Frankly, Streep has proved her acting chops so many times, I’m surprised that anyone would doubt her ability to play any role she set her mind on.
Meryl Streep
I guess even an Oscar winner has to sometimes stretch (or stuff, as the case may be) to win a role. Turns out that Meryl persuaded the late director Sydney Pollack to cast her as author Isak Dinesen in the epic movie, Out of Africa, by stuffing her bra! Streep readily admits to this, saying that she had used the same trick early in her career to get a part on Broadway. When she heard that Pollock might not consider her, she simply made sure those her cups were as full as they could be – and he changed his mind.

When Streep stuffed her bra the first time, she used paper towels. If you are looking for a bit more “oomph” these days, you don’t have to resort to paper towels any more. Today, we have bust enhancers of all sorts, that can increase your assets without forcing you to buy stock in the Kleenex company.

If you are looking to plump up what you’ve got, consider silicone bra inserts. These are sometimes referred to as “chicken cutlets”. Silicone bra inserts can be worn in a bra with a pocket designed for inserts – or can be worn on their own with any good push-up bra. They sit at the bottom of your cup, filling it up and creating more cleavage for you.

You can also buy a cloth pad or a liquid-filled pad designed rather than the silicone version. These options are much less expensive than silicone and should give similar results.

Other enhancers will allow you to go up as much as a full cup size. These are often referred to as breast forms, because they will cover the entire breast. Again, you can get these in a variety of materials, but most will be silicone or some type of foam. Don’t expect these to be discreet, if you are going to be disrobing in front of someone!