The Macy’s website now hosts a video that helps consumers to fit bras properly.

All I can say is: it’s about time! Every large retailer who sells bras should recognize the importance of the right fit. If the bra doesn’t fit well, nothing over it will look right either. As a result, any fashions being sold will look better on the hanger than the person!

It seems a win-win for both store and customer. The customer is always more satisfied if the garment fits better and looks better. The retailer wins because they are more likely to have a repeat customer if the last purchase was satisfying. Therefore, it should be more important to sell the right thing than just to sell.

I’m glad that Macy’s is on board with that!

What I really like about the video on Macy’s bra-solutions page is that it features a “regular” woman – not a fashion model. The instructions are a great addition to our bra-fitting guide, because you can see what the fitter is doing at the same time as the instructions are being given.

The video is definitely one of the best I’ve seen: short, smart and to the point.

Did you know that you can get a fitting at Macy’s whenever you shop? Apparently, they have fitters on staff! They promise a 15 minute session and you’ll be on your way – either with a bra in hand or ready to shop for the bra of your dreams.

If you click on the “Real Women” tab on the right of the bra-solutions page, you’ll get a chance to hear some funny stories about women’s experiences with bras. They are so true-to-life! There are three stories there about women who were wearing the wrong bra size. Check them out – you might have a chuckle or even recognize yourself in one of these stories.

The message is clear: get the right bra; get the right fit; feel good!