Drying Time Tip

How come things never look the same after we wash dry them for the first time? I dread the moment I have to wash and dry a new bra because the circular shape always droops after the process.

If you’re like me, you probably wish those beautiful round cups would remain the same beautiful round cups for their entire life. After some research into the care of bras, I’ve come across this one great invention that finally helps our bras hold their shape during the drying process.

It’s called a BraSmart by smartbroad and it will help you maintain a perfect round cup when drying your bras, molded camisoles and bikini tops. It presses against the bra cup so that it dries tight and firm. For a low price, it is a great idea! There are four parts that easily fit together including a base, two cup molds and a hanger.

At the moment the product looks like it is only available in cup sizes B, C and D. Let’s hope that with more demand, Smart Broad will release the dryer in a wider variety of sizes.