With summer approaching, we all love to let our skin shine! Thing is, with summer come straps. And bra straps can be a pain when you’re trying to win over the fashion world with those sexy tops and halters.

One of my favorite types of summer tops are the racerback styles. Ever tried putting on a regular strapped bra with a racerback top? It just kills the whole look! There is nothing more unattractive than seeing a bra strap popping out of your sexy summer wardrobe. And think about all the problems that bra straps cause when it comes to achieving a solid tan – instead we’re left with a mash of block shapes!

Today, I came across some great products from Bubbles Bodywear. Just in time for summer is this dandy item – the Bubbles Strapper Bra Adjuster. It can turn basically ANY bra into a convertible style! I’ve always found that convertible bras are never as comfy as regular ones, so I was happy to see that I could just snap on this little piece and make all my favorite bras into perfect support!

The company also has these great supports for wearing under skirts and contraptions to help your G-strings from popping out of your pants! Check out their great website for more product ideas which will let your skin shine!