You’ve come here because you’re not sure if your bra is fitting you properly. If any of the signs below describe you, you should see a professional bra fitter. Wearing an uncomfortable bra will put a damper on your entire day, so let’s make this right!

  • If your straps are falling down your shoulders and constantly need adjusting, you should look into tightening them. Falling straps mean there is no support dependence on your shoulders. For proper fit, there should be balance between the shoulders and back.
  • If your straps create indents in your shoulders after long wear, you may be wearing your straps too tight, which can cut off circulation of the blood. Try either loosening the straps or changing the position where they sit on the body. You can also try a wider strap option.
  • If you have lumps or bumps created by you bra, this is a sure sign there is something wrong. Your bra is probably too small. If your bra fits properly, there should be lack of back fat bulges or cutting across the front of the breast. Many women wear cups that are too small, leaving them looking as if they have four breasts instead of two!
  • If you feel your fingers or arms are numb, your bra may be cutting off your blood circulation. This is a medical concern and it is important that you see your doctor immediately. Bras that are too tight in the back and/or shoulders often cause numbness.
  • Red or painful shoulders mean your bra is depending on your shoulders too much for support. Try adjusting band size to a smaller setting if you feel your band may be too large. This will help balance out the breast weight on your body between your back and shoulders.
  • If your breasts sweat often, especially in hot weather, try a bra that will widen the cups, allowing for increased airflow. When breast are constantly pushed together, there is little breathing room, resulting in sweaty conditions.

If you have any of the above symptoms, there is a good chance you need to have your breasts refitted into the correct size and style of bra. Bras that properly fit will leave you feeling comfortable, healthy and will work to prevent sagging over time.